Declare Your Independence

This month, we celebrate America’s independence. Because there continue to be so many unnecessary and horrific tragedies that occur all over the world every day, we need to take the time to celebrate as much as we can, whenever we can, and be grateful for what we have been given. This applies to all areas of our lives. With that being said, I want to share some ideas with you of how to think more clearly about your freedom in your business and in your life, so that you can celebrate your own personal and professional independence for many years to come. Specifically, we are going to talk about your freedom of choice, freedom of time, and freedom from stress.

Freedom of Choice – Your behaviors and results in life are all based on the choices that you make. That means, that if you learn to make more good decisions than bad, you should relatively be in good shape. Whether it’s the job you chose, the relationships you have, or the investments you have made, the choices are yours. Make sure when you make important life and business choices, you do your homework; this not only means to take your time and do the proper research, but talk to as many experts and professionals whom you trust and whom you feel confident will guide you in the right direction. The actions you take each day matter. The people you associate with matter. Choose wisely and give yourself the best opportunity to succeed and be happy.

Freedom of Time – We all need more time, right? More time for our significant others, kids, hobbies, interests, etc… So how do we get it? The key is to become really good at time management. In fact, become phenomenal at it. Look at your average week. Learn to prioritize and eliminate time wasters. Think about what you value the most, and make sure that you devote time to those things. Don’t compromise your loved ones, or the things that you are passionate about, for things that ultimately aren’t as important. If you do, you’ll be sorry in the future. Remember, once time is spent, you don’t get it back. Once you become proficient at time management, you’ll be amazed at how much time you save by eliminating unimportant tasks, and how much time you have to do the things that really matter.

Freedom from Stress – I am not going to tell you that you will be stress-free; that is impossible. We all have stressors in life and a lot of it is based on the demands that life places on us (kids, work, etc.). What helps is if we find ways to reduce our stress, even just a little bit. Reducing your stress levels as little as 5-10% can improve your overall health. One of the things that we need to do is realize that there are things that we just can’t control, and we need to learn to accept those; in fact, the sooner the better. If you have done your best, don’t kill yourself over the results. What more can you do other than your best? Another thing that you can do is set effective goals and create realistic plans of action. Many people don’t do this properly and end up burning themselves out, either because the goals weren’t detailed enough or because they didn’t put a successful plan together to reach their goals. We all have stress, but if we focus on how to limit it, we can better prepare for it before it occurs, and even lessen its impact when it does.

When you look at your business and at your life, make up your mind to live freely. That’s where it all starts. You only live once, and you want to ensure that you are making great choices, spending your time wisely, and minimizing your stress levels as much as possible.

When it comes to your choices, they won’t always work out the way you planned, but the more good ones you make, the more positive outcomes you’ll receive.

With regards to your time management, you won’t always be able to do the things that you want to do, but the more you control your schedule, the more time there will be for you to include your desirable activities as well.

Lastly, stress can be beneficial to you (eustress) if you allow it to push you to do great things, and if you learn to manage it effectively. Sometimes the effects of stress can be asymptomatic, so learn to recognize your limits. If you feel too overwhelmed at any time, slow down, take a break, and give yourself time to relax. It can truly be the difference between life and death.

It is healthy, fun, and important to be free. Freedom means different things to different people, but overall, you must take care of you, whatever that means. Only you know what your needs are. Make smart choices so that you put yourself in the best positions possible. Plan your life to get the most out of it. Reduce your stress levels so that you live a longer life, not only for others in your life, but for yourself as well.

Stay motivated!