A Little At A Time

I truly believe that everyone wants to succeed at something. In fact, most people want to succeed at more than one thing. For example, you might want to be a successful businessperson, spouse, and parent. There are two challenging components to success, however. One is that you have to identify what success means to you (what you want to do that will make you successful). The second is to be patient enough with yourself and with the process in order to fulfill your dreams and potential.

Knowing what success means to you is the best and the most important place to start. Ask yourself what will make you the happiest, where you can have the greatest impact, and what you like to do that highlights your unique passion and energy. You can only achieve the success that you desire if you are having fun with the journey.

What could be more difficult is having the patience that is required for sustainable success; it does not happen overnight. Once you know what you do best, and that you will have a ball doing it, you have to be disciplined and take it one day at a time. Everything has its time and place, and you must learn to do the little things every day that will help you grow and develop, and that will lead to positive and impactful results.

In your business, for example, change is needed to get you from where you are to where you want and need to be. The only way to change your outcomes is to change your mindset and behavior. So, if there is something that is holding your business back (i.e. marketing, confidence, efficiency, etc…), do a couple of little things each day that are different, until you achieve the results that you desire. For instance, talk to experienced marketing professionals who can give you some insight and options into reaching and attracting more potential clients. Learn something new each day about what is happening in your industry so that you can feel more assured, and you can communicate that confidence to your clients. Create a to-do list and prioritize it so that you spend your valuable time on things that matter, and not on things that don’t impact the bottom line or that waste your time.

We all get to where we are supposed to be in life, but we are not given all of the answers on day one. Part of our responsibility is to earn our success, and show how much we want it. If you commit to learning a little at a time, you will be amazed how the big picture unfolds. Allow the process to work. Allow yourself to learn it. Allow big things to happen for you while you do the little things every day that build you to greatness.

Stay motivated!