Optimistic, Pessimistic, Opportunistic, or Realistic?

We all have expectations when it comes to our lives, our businesses, and our overall success. We have a vision of how things should go for ourselves, and what we want everything to look like. Sometimes, how you view things will have a huge impact on the actual results that you get. Let’s look at […]

Declare Your Independence

This month, we celebrate America’s independence. Because there continue to be so many unnecessary and horrific tragedies that occur all over the world every day, we need to take the time to celebrate as much as we can, whenever we can, and be grateful for what we have been given. This applies to all areas […]

Don’t Dwell On What You’ve Done; Focus On What You Haven’t

Isn’t it funny how so many of us can do 99 things well out of 100 and yet only focus on the one thing that we didn’t do well? That one unsuccessful task or result seems to haunt our thoughts relentlessly, as if being 99% efficient was a bad thing. Maybe it’s just human nature; […]

Be Patient With Your Business; Be Patient With Yourself

No matter where you are in your business, there are certain traits that you just have to possess. You might just be starting out, or you might be close to retirement, thinking more about a succession plan. Maybe you are in the prime of your career and are looking to maintain consistency or get to […]

Don’t Give In or Give Up; Give Back

Due to the demands in our lives today, we find ourselves continually stressed, with little assurance or knowledge of when, or if, it will get any better. Whether it’s at home with our families, at work trying to find stability and success, or just finding or maintaining a happy life, the certainty is that we […]

Everyone Has a Story – Embrace it, Live It, Share It

I always tell my clients that I learn just as much from them as they do from me. Coaching is a process of give-and-take, and learning is reciprocal. We all have unique backgrounds and experiences that help us get to where we are at any moment. Often times, we don’t think about the incidents and […]

The Three-Letter Word That Will Change Your Mindset

Throughout my coaching and training career, I’ve sat down with many professionals who have often asked me the same question. The wording and reasons might not always be the same, but the solution that they are all looking for surely is. The question is, “Why have I not succeeded in my business when I have […]

Know Yourself, Grow Your Business, Live Your Dream

Ever since I started my business over a decade ago, I have changed a lot. I have changed my overall business scope, how I build relationships, the way I make my decisions, how I handle my marketing, etc. However, there is one premise that has never changed that has been the cornerstone of my approach […]

When Opportunities Don’t Knock, Create Your Own

You have heard the saying from Seneca over and over again: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Many people agree, while others believe that luck has nothing to do with it. Regardless, there are opportunities all around us, every single day. If you believe that, then you are more likely to take advantage […]

The Two Most Important Things In Business and Life

There are many things that might consume your thoughts on a daily basis, and many things that probably stress you out. Some of these things are personal, while others are work-related. Often there are worries that we have that we can’t control or that we did not cause. Sometimes, our worries come from contemplating how […]