It Is What It Is

When times get tough, and we know that they often do, we expend so much of our energy trying to change things that cannot be changed. It seems that the harder we fight, the more we think we can control or change circumstances. However, sometimes, we just need to accept what is happening and focus […]

Lean on Me

We live in a world where we are fortunate enough not to have to be “Superman” or “Superwoman”. When we have to make critical decisions or solve various problems, we have the opportunity to seek advice from those who are experienced or those who we can rely on. We are not expected to have all the […]

Find Your Passion and Find A Way To Get There!

Let’s face it…although a lot of people truly love their job, many people accept job positions not because they love it, but because there is nothing else available. On that note, it’s safe to assume their job pays more bills than sitting at home does. So, let’s discuss how to earn money and have fun […]