The Power of YET

There are two things that I have always remembered about the early years of my business: 1) Struggling a lot 2) A friend of mine telling me, “Do whatever you have to do to succeed. We grow in the tough times!” I actually didn’t think it could get any tougher, but it did. I had […]

5 Quick Rules for Financial Service Professionals

Focus on these 5 areas of your business, and you’ll be well on your way to lasting growth, happiness, and success: Know Who You Are (The power of self-awareness) Know What You Want (Identify specific and realistic goals, i.e. more revenue, more clients, more productivity, more confidence, more efficiency, more work/life balance) Know Why You […]

The Ups and Downs of Life and Business

Some days are good. Some are not. This is the reality not only in life, but in business as well. You will have ups and downs, but the key will be your resiliency, and your reactions to what the world throws at you. You are not perfect, and life is not easy, but that doesn’t […]

With the Click of a Button, EVERYTHING Changes!

By clicking the link below, everything that you experience in your life and your business, from this point on, will be enhanced. It’s that easy! When you do, Your life changes Your future changes Your wealth changes Your relationships change Your happiness changes Your freedom changes Your productivity changes Your efficiency changes Your success changes […]

Your Wealth is Determined By Your Thoughts

A wise man once said, “The mind is everything. What you think, you become.” (Buddha) To this day, nothing could be more true. What you think about (revenue, clients, efficiency, productivity, the economy, the future, etc…) and how you think about it (more positively or more negatively) will directly impact your emotions, habits, behaviors, and […]

Success is Built One Client at a Time

Building your business is dependent on consistently generating new clients. Generating new clients is dependent on understanding three very important components: Who your target audience is, where you can find them, and what to say to them when you do. Most people are very good at one of the three, and two of them if […]

I Know How You Feel; I Have Struggled, Too

Working in the financial services industry is not easy, regardless of what your title is, or what role you play. There are high expectations, and a lot of uncertainty and frustration. Some days are better than others, but it’s hard to be passionate and have fun when so much is not under your control. I […]

A Little At A Time

I truly believe that everyone wants to succeed at something. In fact, most people want to succeed at more than one thing. For example, you might want to be a successful businessperson, spouse, and parent. There are two challenging components to success, however. One is that you have to identify what success means to you […]

Effort Level and Lifestyle Results

There are a lot of studies that have been conducted that focus on the connection between effort level and obtaining results. Is there really a correlation between what you put in to your business and what you get out? The answer is yes, but it is not as clear as we might think. It is […]

The Difference Between “I Am Ready” and “Am I Ready?”

Confidence is one of the most amazing traits that you can possess. In fact, there is nothing like it. If you have it, you can motivate yourself to do anything; if you don’t have it, you cannot be more than you are right now. With that being said, how far we go in life, and […]