Effort Level and Lifestyle Results

There are a lot of studies that have been conducted that focus on the connection between effort level and obtaining results. Is there really a correlation between what you put in to your business and what you get out? The answer is yes, but it is not as clear as we might think. It is not a given that just because you work hard that you will have the results and lifestyle that you desire. It certainly is also not smart to just sit back, do very little, and expect success. We have to be intentional in what we want and have a detailed plan of what we are willing to do to get it.

I have come up with four categories that better explain this relationship. We typically find ourselves in one of these categories, and if we want real change and better results, we must be honest with ourselves and be open to changing our approach.

  1. Those who work hard and live the lifestyle they want: If you fall in this category, you understand that hard work pays off. You are willing to put 100% of yourself into everything that you do in order to reach your definition of success. In your mind, the only thing that gets you the lifestyle you crave is putting in the time. You are not afraid of sacrifice and you do whatever it takes to build and grow yourself and your business.
  1. Those who work hard and don’t live the lifestyle they want: If you fall in this category, you also believe in going the extra mile to get what you want, but you have to learn to be extremely patient, positive, and resilient until you get the results that you desire. For you, success has been hard to come by. It can become increasingly easy to think, “What’s the point?”, “Why Am I Doing This?”, “What Am I Doing Wrong?”, or to simply give up. Focusing on the big picture, taking your time, and becoming excited to try new things are all necessary characteristics of people in this group.
  1. Those who don’t work hard and live the lifestyle they want: If you fall in this category, you are either very good or very lucky! The good people here are those who have figured out how to have the results they want without killing themselves to get it. They know how to work smarter, and have been creative in having money come to them, instead of the other way around. Being lucky is not necessarily a bad thing either. If we have inherited wealth that provides for our lifestyle, or we have amassed a fortune because of shrewd business deals, winning contests or competitions, or jobs that pay a lot, that works too. We’ve all seen people win the lottery, right? If that allows you to live the lifestyle of your dreams, then more power to you! We just can’t rely on that to happen, and we have to always have a contingency plan.
  1. Those who don’t work hard and don’t live the lifestyle they want: If you fall in this category, you really can’t complain, right? Being here just reinforces the notion that you get out of life what you put in. Maybe you don’t want to live an extraordinary or wealthy lifestyle, and that’s ok. However, if you want more out of life, but you aren’t willing to work for it, you really can’t be surprised if you have not reached that prominent status. You have to communicate your desire to the rest of world, and that can be a desire for success or a desire for status quo. Either way, you can achieve your goals.

As most people know, you cannot fake your way through business or through life. You don’t have to have all the answers, but you have to be willing to find out what they are. No one says that you have to live a certain way, or have a certain lifestyle, but you have to realize that regardless of what you want in life, it takes time, patience, and a certain level of commitment and effort. Where you currently are is a direct reflection of what you have or haven’t done. Don’t give up or blame others if you haven’t met your goals yet. Take responsibility for your life and ownership of your situation and find out what it takes to get to where you want to go. Once you find out, be relentless in your dedication and pursuit until you have achieved everything that you set out to accomplish, and all of your personal and professional dreams come true.

Stay motivated!