Meet Geoff

Geoffrey Morris is a highly successful business owner and coach, and author of the book, Your Next Move. He is the founder of Ultra Achievement, a group-coaching program dedicated to helping financial service professionals become the best in the world at what they do.

Geoff moved to the United States at a very young age. He initially had a tough time adjusting to life’s demands and transitions as he tried to become a successful businessman; in fact, Geoff had to go through several layoffs before he realized his true calling – a professional business coach, speaker, and trainer, determined to help others reach their dreams and goals, despite past experiences and setbacks.

He has spent his entire career studying human attitudes and their effect on behavior and he firmly believes that with the right approach in life, anyone can reach their true potential and obtain unlimited success.

Geoff’s experience working in the financial services industry has provided him the opportunity to partner with organizations worldwide and create effective ways to help others grow their businesses and dramatically improve their lives. His belief is that once his clients are more self-aware, more proactive, and more accountable, they become unstoppable!

Along with his reputation and credentials, which include graduate degrees in Psychology and Business, Geoff has shared his ideas and approaches to positive life change and accountability in many forms, including as a panelist for various corporate conferences, and through writing articles published in the Houston Business Journal.