The Power of YET

There are two things that I have always remembered about the early years of my business: 1) Struggling a lot 2) A friend of mine telling me, “Do whatever you have to do to succeed. We grow in the tough times!”

I actually didn’t think it could get any tougher, but it did.

I had very little money, no retirement money or savings, and A LOT of debt; a horrific and extremely scary combination.

Then, I decided to have a very serious conversation with myself; one that forced me to become more vulnerable and honest about my situation, and more committed about where I wanted to go.

As I was listening to myself, I kept hearing the same word over and over again. I didn’t mean to repeat myself, but I did. Again and again and again. Every time I would talk about how bad things were, and I would feel the pain of where I was in my career, I would use this one word … Yet.

I would find myself saying:

• I haven’t made a difference in enough people’s lives … Yet
• People don’t know that I exist … Yet
• I am not successful … Yet
• I don’t have enough money for my bills, or for my future … Yet
• I’m not sure what my value to the world is … Yet
• Etc…

This went on and on. But I never gave up. I told myself that because I wasn’t there YET, didn’t mean that I wouldn’t get there at all.

This is my message to you. Regardless of what your challenges are, or what you are going through, or regardless of how hopeless is seems, or how helpless you feel, just know that it will all work out in your favor. It might not look that way YET, but it is coming!

Using the word YET gives you hope, strength, optimism, and motivation. It gives you reason to believe that great things are coming your way. Don’t forget that; don’t ignore that. Keep plugging away until you reach the ultimate level of success and happiness!

Stay Motivated!