Your Wealth is Determined By Your Thoughts

A wise man once said, “The mind is everything. What you think, you become.” (Buddha)

To this day, nothing could be more true. What you think about (revenue, clients, efficiency, productivity, the economy, the future, etc…) and how you think about it (more positively or more negatively) will directly impact your emotions, habits, behaviors, and results.

If you think about wealth, focus on becoming wealthier, and approach each week like wealthy individuals do, you will attract and experience more wealth. It all starts with your mindset. If you deserve it, you must first observe it.

Many financial service professionals, who don’t consider themselves wealthy, consistently fall into the same pattern: they suffer a setback, they let their confidence slip, and then their motivation and level of production decreases. When this happens, future wealth escapes them because current situations define them.

Wealth is not a destination; it is a direct result of who we can become when we approach our businesses and our lives the right way.

If you want to build wealth, you must understand and study wealth, and model those who already are wealthy. You can try and mirror the behaviors of others and that might make you wealthy, but the core component of wealth lies in what you think wealth is, whether you want it or not, and what you are willing to do to obtain it.

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Stay Motivated!!

Geoff Morris